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Born in Miami Beach, FL, 1937
Raised in Rochester, NY
Lived in Chicago, IL since 1969
Married to Judith Raphael.

Trinity College,  Hartford, Connecticut  -  B.A.(cum laude) 1960
Yale University,  School of Art & Architecture -  B.F.A. 1962,  M.F.A. 1963

Glow Gallery, Chicago, “The Prior Life of Tony Phillips”, curated by Dan Oliver, 2019
The Freeark Gallery, Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, IL, “Twosome” with Judith Raphael,
         curated by Anne Harris, 2016
The Research House for Asian Art, Chicago, “The Faces of Our Time” with Xu, Hang, 2013
Beverly Shores Art Gallery, Indiana,“His and Hers” with Judith Raphael, 2011
Indiana University, Northwest,  “Judith Raphael & Tony Phillips”, 2003
Gescheidle Gallery, Chicago,  2003
Lyons-Wier & Ginsberg Gallery, Chicago, 1995
Lyons Wier Gallery, Chicago,  1993
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago,  1993
Marianne Deson Gallery, Chicago,  1986
Marianne Deson Gallery, Chicago,  1982
Stiles College Gallery, Yale University, “Janet Fish & Tony Phillips", 1962

Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL, “What Came After: Figurative Painting in Chicago 1978-98”,
         curated by Phyllis Bramson, 2019
Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Michigan City, IN, The Chicago Imagists: Before & After,
         curated by Lora Fosberg, 2019
Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, “Considering the Circle”, curated by Carol Harmel, 2018
Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL, “Faces Not Forgotten” a collaboration with Judith Raphael, 2018
116 Gallery, St. Charles, IL, “Clowder of Cats” a collaboration with Carole Harmel, 2018
Sullivan Gallery, SAIC, Chicago, “Articulating Time & Space”, curated by Paola Cabal, 2017
Ed Paschke Art Center, Chicago, “The Minds I”, curated by Anne Harris, 2017
Arts Council of Princeton, New Jersey, “Philip Pearlstein: A Legacy of Influence”, 2017
Printworks Gallery, Chicago, “Another Iliad”, a collaboration with Carole Harmel, 2016
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, “Surrealism: the Conjured Life”,
         curated by Lynne Warren, 2015-16
Printworks Gallery, Chicago:
          “Another Iliad”, a collaboration with Carole Harmel, 2016
          “Return of the Exquisite Corpse”, 2015-16
          “Collaborations II”, 2014
          “Face Forward: The Art of the Self-Portrait”, 2012-13
          “Chicago Odyssey”, 2011
          “Cover Stories”, 2010-11
The Studios of Key West,  Florida, “Chicago Artists Works on Paper”, 2010
Islip Art Museum, Islip, Long Island, NY, “Weather Channel”, 2009
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, “Not Just Another Pretty Face”, 2008
Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art, Evanston, IL, “The Exquisite Snake”, 2007
Jean Albano Gallery, “Relationships”, Chicago, 2007
Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University, “Couples Discourse”, 2006
Art Center, Highland Park, IL, “Spirit and Psyche: the Figure Transformed”, 2006
Printworks Gallery, Chicago, “The Art of the Bookplate”, 2006
Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, “Scapes”,  2006
Gallery 128, New York, “Christmas Bizarre”, 2005 
National Academy Museum, New York, “The 179th Annual Invitational”, 2004
Gescheidle Gallery, Chicago, “Guest List”, 2003
Betty Rymer Gallery-S.A.I.C., Chicago, “Home Work/s”, 2002-3
Betty Rymer Gallery-S.A.I.C., Chicago, “Sabbatical Exhibition”, 2002
Printworks Gallery, Chicago, "Self-Portraits 2000",  2000-01
North Park University, Chicago, "Shake the Coat"-for Gregory Gillespie, 2000
Lyonswier Packer Gallery, Chicago, group exhibition, 2000
Steppenwolf Theatre & Anatomically Correct, Chicago, "Mind/Matter", 1999
August House Studio, Chicago, "Beastly Thoughts", 1998                    
Indiana University, Gallery Northwest, Gary, IN, "Magic Realism", 1997  
Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL, "Figure Eight", 1997
Ford Center for the Fine Arts, Knox College, Galesburg, IL. "Reveries", 1996
Betty Rymer Gallery- S.A.I.C., Chicago, "Sabbatical Exhibition", 1996     
La Fond Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, "National Pastel Show", 1996         
Lyons-Wier & Ginsberg Gallery, Chicago, "Animals", 1996                  
Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, IL, "Allegorical Landscape", 1995
Russell Gallery, Denver, CO, "Blackhawk Mountain School", 1995
La Fond Gallery, Pittsburgh, "First Annual National Pastel Show", 1995     
Lyons Wier Gallery, Chicago, "Self-Portraits", 1995
Hinsdale Center for the Arts, Hinsdale, IL. "Self-Portraits", 1995         
Lyons Wier Gallery, Chicago, Anniversary Exhibition, 1994
Lyons Wier Gallery, Chicago, "Deluge", 1993 
traveling exhibition: "Spirited Visions" curated by Patty Carroll
          Illinois State Museum, Chicago  1991                                           
          Tarble Art Center, Eastern Illinois Univ., Charleston, IL. 1992  
          Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, IL. 1992            
          Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL. 1993                           
          Illinois State Museum, Lockport, IL. 1993
S.A.I.C. Gallery 2, Chicago "Personal/Political: Sexuality Self-defined", 1990
Chicago Cultural Center, "The Chicago Show", 1990
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Art Institute of Chicago, "American Art Since World War II: Prints and Drawings" 1989-90
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Gallery Vienna, Chicago, "Yale in Chicago", 1989
Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut, Stadtische Gallerie, Regensburg,
          Germany, "Art...Made in U.S.A.", 1988-89
Marianne Deson Gallery, "Art Expo", 1988
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Gallery, sabbatical show, 1987
Burpee Art Museum, Rockford, IL, "Nocturnal Images", 1985
Paine Art Center, Oshkosh, WI,   "Nocturnal Images", 1985
Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, "1+1=2", 1985
Artist's Choice Museum, New York, N.Y. "Artist's Choosing Artists", 1985
Art Institute of Chicago, "Chicago and Vicinity" (Levy Prize), 1985
N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, "Shadow", 1985
Swen Parson Gallery, Northern Illinois Univ. "Chicago Artists: Pilsen", 1984
Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, "Artists' Call", 1984
Mandeville Art Gallery, Univ. of California, San Diego, "Chicago Scene",1983
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, "Fans", 1983
traveling exhibition: "Dogs!" curated by Lynne Warren
          Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago   1983                       
          Aspen Center for the Visual Arts, Colorado    1983                    
          Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, N.H. 1984           
          Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, FL. 1984                            
          Kaiser Center, Oakland, CA. 1984                                              
          Midland Arts Council, Midland, MI. 1985                                 
          Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama  1985           
          Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery,AL. 1985   
Indianapolis Museum of Art, "Painting and Sculpture Today", 1982
N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, "Daley's Tomb",  1978
N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, "Seven by Nine", 1978
John Doyle Gallery, Chicago, 1976
Art Institute of Chicago, "Chicago and Vicinity", 1973
Wabash Transit Gallery, Chicago, 1971
Wilcox Gallery, Swarthmore College, PA. "The Big Detail", 1969
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA, 1969
Stevens Institute Gallery, Hoboken, N.J., 1965
New York University Gallery, "Homage to Hans Hoffman", 1964

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AWARDS AND FELLOWSHIPS                                              
National Endowment for the Arts,  senior Artists Fellowships, 1978 and 1985  
Illinois Arts Council, Artists Grants, 1984, 1988 and 1990
MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, N.H., Milton and Sally Avery Fellow 1994
Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Resident Fellowships 1988,'89, 1990,'94,'98
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Resident Fellowships 1987,1988,1990
Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, CA. Resident Fellowships 1987, 2002
Art Institute of Chicago, Jacob and Bessie Levy Prize 1985
SAIC Instructional Enrichment Grants, 1985, 1992
Univ. of Pennsylvania, School of Fine Arts, Resident Fellowship 1968-69
Catherwood Foundation Grant, Ecole Americaine des Beaux-Arts,
     Fountainebleau, France, summer,1961

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago
Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
DePaul University Art Museum, Chicago
Purdue University Northwest, Westville, Indiana
Elmhurst College, Illinois
Illinois State Museum

"Head for Shelter"  1978
"Threshold of Doubt"  1976
"Last Supper/Second Coming"  1976
"Inertia"  1974

"Inertia" selected for PBS television program "Landscape in Motion"
Art Institute of Chicago, Midwest Film Center, "Chicago Film" 1977, 1979
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1977 "Last Supper/Second Coming" selected for
     national tour of commercial theatres.
Museum of Contemporary Art, "Avant-Garde Film in Chicago" June 1976
Toronto Super-8 Film Festival, April 1976, "Inertia" First Prize.
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Super-8, February 1976, "Inertia" First Prize.

Hofheimer Gallery, Chicago, “Girls' World”: Judith Raphael, and Melissa Pinney, 2020
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, "Avant-Garde Film in Chicago" 1976
Wabash Transit Gallery, Chicago, "Painterly Realists” 1972

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE                                                  
School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
     Professor Emeritus of Painting and Drawing,
                      member of faculty, 1969 to present. Professor 1985 - 2001.
                              Art Institute of Chicago Chairman’s Award, 2001.
     Chair, Department of Painting and Drawing 1998 -2001.
     Chair, Film Department 1976-77.
     Chair, Exhibitions and Events &
     Director,  Visiting Artists Program 1971-75
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Artist-in-Residence, 1968-1969.
School of Visual Arts, New York, N.Y., Instructor, 1965-1968.
Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA.,  Instructor, 1965

Paschke Art Center, Panelist: “Chicago Art Past, Present, Future” 2018
Texas Northern University, Denton, TX., 2012
Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois, 2006
Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, 2004
State University of New York, Purchase, 2004
Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, Michigan,
      Juror:  “Annual Greater Michigan Exhibition” 2002
La Fond Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA., Juror: “The National Pastel Show" 1996
Blackhawk Mountain School of Art, Estes Park, CO. 1994
University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1992.
University of California, Santa Cruz, 1989
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, 1988
University of Chicago, 1981 & 1987
Oxbow School of Art, Saugatuck, Michigan,  1987, 1999, 2002 & 2010
College Art Association annual meeting, Toronto, Canada
      Panelist: "The New Figuration", February, 1984
University of Pennsylvania, 1971.




© All Images Copyright Tony Phillips